Growing up in the health-conscious, fitness-fanatic culture of

Boulder, Colorado,

I became interested in how the human body works. For my bachelor's degree at the University of Colorado, Boulder, I studied

Integrative Physiology.

To fuel my creative side, I added on a minor in

Technology, Arts & Media

and to help with my jump rope business, I took on a

Business Minor.

While physiology fascinates me, I realized a career in healthcare was not the direction I wanted to go.

I decided to continue with what I'd started in the Technology, Arts & Media minor, and enrolled in the

Creative Technology & Design

track of the Master's in Technology, Media & Society.

Through coursework, internships, and jobs, I've developed a passion for

Motion Graphics

and especially enjoy the challenge of using animation to communicate complex information in a simple, easy to understand way



1. to make a complex idea or concept understandable through animation (primarily motion graphics)

2. to bring an idea or concept to life, especially one related to science

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